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When To Treat Ms Flares

Multiple Sclerosis and Stress – Tips to Reduce Stress

Not all MS symptoms need to be treated. Tingling, fatigue, and mental fog generally go away on their own once the trigger is removed. However more severe MS symptoms that affect your ability to function normally, such as severe weakness, poor balance, or loss of vision, do need to be treated, usually with a short course of steroids for severe MS symptoms.

“Flares and triggers are different for everyone with MS,” Conway notes. “Each person should learn to identify their own individual triggers.” If you or a loved one has multiple sclerosis, learning as much as you can about MS, getting help and support, making healthy lifestyle choices, and avoiding common triggers will go a long way toward living well with this chronic disease. Always let your doctor know about any new MS symptoms or any MS symptoms that last for more than a day and are interfering with your ability to function normally.

How To Avoid Trigeminal Neuralgia Triggers

One thing is certain: trigeminal neuralgia triggers are hard to avoid. The everyday nature of what causes trigeminal neuralgia to flare up means that tracking symptoms is crucial.

Pain tracking apps can be your best weapon in fighting the pain. Simply taking note of what causes the pain to flare up means you can more easily prevent your painful episodes.

Here are five of our favorite pain tracking apps:

  • My Pain Diary
  • Manage My Pain
  • Chronic Pain Tracker
  • Flaredown

How To Address Ms

Depression, together with anxiety, may worsen thoughts of suicide and shouldnt be left untreated. In most cases, it can be effectively managed with a combination of antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy focuses on identifying and shifting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may contribute to emotional distress.

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Sensory Symptoms And Ms

Changes in sensations such as numbness, pins and needles and tingling are common MS symptoms, related to damage to nerve covering in certain areas. These sensations can occur anywhere on the body such as the arms, legs and face. They can be mild or could interfere with your ability to use the affected part of your body, such as difficulty in writing with a pen.

The new onset of sensory symptoms may be associated with a relapse and should be reported to your MS healthcare team.

Is It Common For People With Multiple Sclerosis To Experience Depression

Can Stress Cause Ms Flare Ups - (1)

Depression is very common in people with multiple sclerosis . In fact, symptoms of depression severe enough to require medical intervention affect up to half of all people with MS at some point during their illness.

Depression may be the result of a difficult situation or stress. It is easy to understand how having MS, with its potential for progressing to permanent disability, can bring on depression.

Depression might be actually caused by MS. MS may affect the insulating myelin that surrounds nerves which transmit signals affecting mood.

(Video) Stress and MS: What We Know - National MS Society

Depression is also a side effect of some drugs used to treat MS, such as steroids or interferon.

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Steroids Can Treat Severe Relapses

For more severe MS flare-ups, like those that involve things like vision loss, severe weakness, or anything that gets in the way of your ability to function or move safely, your doctor will likely prescribe treatment to help you get better faster. If an MS flare occurs, depending on the severity of the symptoms, high-dose steroids may be considered to help promote faster recovery, says Dr. Rosenthal. Usually, youll take them for three to five days, either in pill form or via an IV, per the National MS Society.

What To Do After A Flare

You can recover fully after a relapse, but it might take weeks or months to get over all your symptoms. If you had a lot of nerve damage, some symptoms might not fully go away.

You may need extra help to get back to your normal life. A rehab program can put you back on track. Your rehab team will help you with:

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Stress Doesn’t Cause Multiple Sclerosis Study Suggests

May 31, 2011 / 12:52 PM / CBS News

Does psychological stress cause multiple sclerosis?

Stress has long been blamed for causing flare-ups of MS in patients already diagnosed with the incurable neurological disorder, but a new study suggests the link between stress and MS stops there.

“While we’ve known that stressful life events have been shown to increase the risk of MS episodes, we weren’t certain whether these stressors could actually lead to developing the disease,” study author Dr. Trond Riise, professor of lifestyle epidemiology at the University of Bergen in Norway, said in a .

Riise and his colleagues looked at more than 230,000 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study, a vast research project launched in 1976. The women were asked about stress at home and work, in addition to physical or sexual abuse they suffered during childhood or adolescence. The authors identified 369 women with MS. But after controlling for age, ethnicity, weight, and other factors, they found that MS was not more common in women who reported stress or abuse.

“This rules out stress as a major risk factor for MS,” Riise said.

But the study – published in the the May 31 issue of Neurology – has its critics.

Almost 400,000 Americans suffer from multiple sclerosis. The disease attacks the central nervous system, causing symptoms that include fatigue, memory loss, and problems with balance and muscle coordination.

(Video) Dr. Gabor Maté on The Connection Between Stress and Disease

Stress Reduction Strategies In Ms

multiple sclerosis flare up

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your life. Not only do these symptoms have the potential to impair your ability to function at your best with MS, but they can also prevent you from enjoying everyday life. Of course, stress can also make you less productive at home and at work, as you might not be able to focus and prioritize getting things done.

There are many ways of coping with stress if you have MS. The key is to give yourself permission to get the help you need.

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What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is searing neuropathic facial pain that originates in the trigeminal nerve, located just behind the mandible near the temporomandibular joint. This nerve has three branches that transmit sensations from the face and inside the mouth to the brain.

There are a few different potential causes of trigeminal neuralgia, including:

  • Pressure on the trigeminal nerve, usually by a blood vessel exiting the brain stem, which wears away the protective coating around the nerve
  • Multiple sclerosis, a disease that causes deterioration of the myelin sheath
  • Trigeminal nerve compression from a tumor
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Injury to the trigeminal nerve

This neuropathic facial pain can take many forms. Some patients experience sharp, electric jolts that last only a few seconds. Others may have a constant ache or burning feeling. There may be days, weeks, or months without pain, followed by painful episodes of varying lengths of time.

Pain is usually confined to one side of the face, although some patients will have pain across the whole face. This disorder is most common is women and occurs most frequently in people over 50.

What Triggers Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Ms Causes And Flare Precautions

Written byEmily LunardoPublished onApril 28, 2016

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the bodys own immune system attacks myelin, the protective covering around nerves and the spinal cord. Such induced myelin deterioration causes further damage to the nerves and spinal cord, resulting in the multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Symptoms for multiple sclerosis patients can vary. Moreover, each patient may have their own triggers that set off the symptoms. Although multiple sclerosis is not a fatal condition, living with the symptoms can be bothersome and impede on day-to-day life. This is why it is so important to recognize your triggers in order to minimize the symptoms.

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One Example Is Grocery Shopping

Now, what do I mean by saying, I become stressed/anxious a lot easier than I used to. Let me give you an example I dont like grocery shopping, let me just get that out there I despise it. But, it was something that I obviously HAVE to do. Before I was diagnosed, it was just this annoying task that I had to do, that also put a dent in my bank account, but I dealt with it with no problem. Now though? Now, I really have to prepare myself to make those trips. The grocery store isnt even far from me either. But I try and plan on going when I know its not going to be too busy, when its not too hot, and where I know I can get in and out with no issues. Why do you ask? Because when I put myself in stressful situations, I notice that my symptoms get slightly worse. Its not noticeable to others most of the time, but its noticeable to me. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE online shopping now too? I get it shipped to me and I dont have to deal with outside factors if that makes me lazy, oh well.

How Stress Affects Arthritis

Can Stress Cause Ms Flare Ups - (2)

Managing a chronic disease affect many aspects of daily living, including emotional health . Heres what to do if youre stressed out.

(Video) Stress Management for Cardiac Rehab Patients

Stress is a constant presence in our lives. A chronic disease like arthritis, which brings pain, high medical bills, and an uncertain future, ramps up stress levels even more. Being under stress can worsen arthritis symptoms. The best solution is to manage stress before it can undermine disease management and quality of live

How stress contributes to arthritis

Your bodys stress response triggers the release of chemicals that ready you to face the challenge at hand. Your breathing quickens, your heart rate increases, and your muscles tense in preparation. This reaction is fine in the short term, but when it fires repeatedly, the increased tension in your muscles can amplify your arthritis pain. Stress also sets off the immune systems inflammatory response. Inflammation is what fuels joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis , lupus, psoriatic arthritis , ankylosing spondylitis , and other inflammatory forms of the disease. The longer youre exposed to stress, the more destructive the inflammation can become. In a PLoS One study, people with RA identified stress as a trigger for disease flare-ups.

How arthritis worsens stress

Coping with stress

Here are a few tips to help you manage stress:

Emotional Wellness

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Ms And Low Body Temperature

Some PwMS find that they are sensitive to hot temperatures and some find that cold temperatures make their symptoms worse. Others are sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures, and so it is important to maintain an optimum temperature. Sometimes a lesion in the area of the brain which controls temperature regulation can mean that the person doesnt shiver to warm up, and so stays cold. Being cold can affect the speed at which the messages pass along the MS damaged nerves which can increase MS symptoms. Ways of coping with MS and low body temperature include wearing clothing such as thermal underwear and socks, a hat, scarf and gloves when going out. Electric blankets can also make you more comfortable at home, but be careful it doesnt get too hot ideally get an electric blanket with a variable temperature control. Avoid alcohol as it increases blood flow to the skin which cools you even more. Also try to exercise as much as possible to avoid stiffness and improve your circulation. If you are affected by both cold and hot temperatures, try flexible solutions such as layering clothes and adding to them or removing layers as needed.

The Stress Of Living With Ms

Living with MS means that you may have to face health limitations, such as problems with mobility, bladder issues, and impaired vision, which can cause frustration and stress. But there are many other concerns those with MS face that factor into the stress of living with this disease as well:

  • The unpredictable nature of MS
  • Adapting to new symptoms
  • Concerns about your job

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How Can I Prevent A Multiple Sclerosis Flare

Disease-modifying therapies are the most effective way to reduce the number of flare-ups you experience. Leading a healthy lifestyle is also important. The choices you make can help slow disease progression. Good care can also lessen your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Lifestyle changes that can improve your condition include:

  • Eating a healthy diet: There is no magic MS diet. Experts recommend a balanced diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein. You should also limit your intake of added sugars, unhealthy fats and processed foods.
  • Getting regular exercise: Multiple sclerosis can cause muscle weakness, loss of balance and difficulty walking. Aerobic exercise, flexibility and strength training are essential to help keep muscles strong and maintain physical function.
  • Managing stress: Stress can take a physical and emotional toll. It can also interfere with sleep, which can worsen MS-related fatigue. Its important to find ways to manage stress such as yoga, meditation, exercise, and working with a mental health provider.
  • Not smoking and limiting alcohol intake: Smoking and alcohol are linked to worsening MS symptoms and could speed the disease’s progression. Quitting smoking will support your health.

Can Sciatica Be Cured

Multiple Sclerosis – Flare up – Sign of impending illness.

People with Sciatica always ask, Can sciatica be cured? The answer is, typically, with the appropriate treatment method, you may be able to consider sciatica pain an afterthought. Sciatica pain is a treatable condition, no matter how challenging it may seem.

(Video) How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed | Daniel Levitin

Physicians can help you determine the cause of sciatica, and from there, you may be able to look into various forms of treatment programs. Most people respond well to natural treatment methods, depending on the probable cause of sciatic nerve compression and are symptom-free after a few treatment sessions. So, instead of living with sciatica pain, give some treatments a try.

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How Is Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosed

No one test can provide a definitive MS diagnosis. To understand whats causing symptoms, your healthcare provider will do a physical exam. You may also have blood tests and imaging tests, such as MRI. An MRI looks for evidence of lesions in the brain or spinal cord that indicate multiple sclerosis. Lesions develop as a result of damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves. A spinal tap may also need to be done.

If these tests dont provide a clear answer, your neurologist may recommend an evoked potentials test. This test checks your nerve function by measuring electrical activity in the brain and spinal cord.

Herniated Disc Flare Up

A herniated disc flare up is a sudden acute symptomatic recurrence or escalation, which may be linked to a variety of known or idiopathic causative or contributory reasons. These herniated disc pain episodes make life an unpredictable hell for countless patients and are one of the major stressors for any neck or back pain sufferer.

I know all too well how devastating flare ups can be, since I suffered from them for decades, including the onset of sudden symptoms of lower back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

This treatise will examine the horrors of acute flare-ups, including their physical and psychological effects. We will investigate why flare ups may occur in some patients and how they might be prevented.

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What Causes Sciatica To Flare Up

Sciatica triggers can be different for each person. Some people also find that they have multiple causes of flare-ups. Knowing what triggers sciatic nerve pain is crucial because it will help a lot in preventing and managing them. For that reason, you should be aware of any triggers that you may have. If you can identify what causes sciatica to flare up, youll know what you can do to avoid them.

Here are the ten triggers that may be causing your sciatica to flare up that you need to watch out for:

How To Manage Ms Fatigue

Can Stress Cause Ms Flare Ups - (3)

It can be useful to learn to recognise the early signs of fatigue and how it affects you. Likewise, talking with family, friends and/or colleagues may help them understand any limitations.

MS fatigue often results from secondary factors, such as co-existing medical conditions, poor diet, lack of fitness or sleep, medication side effects, stress, depression, hormonal changes or heat sensitivity. Identifying any contributing factors, should help you to develop a tailored management plan.

Fatigue management strategies include:

(Video) Multiple Sclerosis Series - Management of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

  • Stay active exercises to increase your stamina and strength may be useful.
  • Monitor sleep patterns and address any issues.
  • Manage other contributing MS symptoms, such as depression.
  • Rest/take breaks.
  • Vary heavy with lighter tasks for example, if you have more fatigue in the afternoon, do harder jobs in the morning.

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Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

While medications are the best option to help prevent MS flares, there are other things you can do to help manage different MS symptoms and avoid triggering pseudo-relapses. For example, if youre experiencing fatigueone of the most common MS symptoms, per the National MS Societyregular exercise and scheduled naps can help, says Dr. Rosenthal. Further, taking steps to avoid infection is a must, since thats the top trigger of pseudo-relapses, according to the MS Trust. That means getting your annual flu vaccination, avoiding people who are sick, and washing your hands regularly.


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