Can you drink alcohol during IVF cycle? (2022)

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Higher miscarriage rate. One theory is that the alcohol interferes with the hormonal effect of IVF medication. So, drinking alcohol when you’re trying to conceive – whether via IVF or not – is risky. The British Fertility Society says stop drinking alcohol three months before IVF.

Can drinking alcohol cause IVF?

In most medical quarters, drinking alcohol raises too many eyebrows during an IVF cycle. There are solid reasons behind the same as well. Neither the health experts nor the couples would like to decrease the chances of a successful IVF treatment which is what exactly drinking alcohol does!

Should I give up drinking during IVF?

Thus, if you are an excessive drinker then you must reduce the amount significantly to increase your chances of a successful IVF treatment. And if you can, you must try to give up drinking completely during the period as it would be the best decision you could take for your child and yourself.

Is it safe to drink beer during IVF?

Well, it is not easy if you are a regular drinker. Even if the woman is the only one drinking alcohol during the IVF process, it may still affect the results significantly. White wine, in particular, does more harm alongside drinking beer for men, which has worse effects on the growth and healthiness of sperms.

When to stop drinking before IVF?

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DH was advised to stop drinking 3 months before IVF and there was a significant improvement in SA from 6 weeks before IVF (when we were expecting ICSI due to sperm quality) to the date of our EC, when his sample was more than good enough to go with "normal" IVF.

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When should I stop drinking during IVF? ›

Given that egg and sperm maturation takes up to 3 months, it is ideal to stop/reduce alcohol consumption for at least three months before attempting pregnancy. The consumption of as few as 2-4 alcoholic drinks per week in women and 4 alcoholic drinks per week in men may significantly reduce the success of IVF.

Does alcohol affect embryo quality? ›

Just three weeks after fertilisation, alcohol-induced birth defects can affect the developing embryo. Not only can this affect the development of the brain, heart and central nervous system, but also the development of the facial features (as seen in foetal alcohol syndrome).

What should I avoid during IVF? ›

Avoid red meat, sugar, refined grains, and other highly processed foods.

Does alcohol affect egg retrieval? ›

The relationship between alcohol and IVF

The results show that female alcohol consumption (as little as one additional glass of wine daily) results in a 13% decrease in the number of eggs aspirated at retrieval even up to one year before the IVF cycle.


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