Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale Phoenix AZ (2023)

Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale Phoenix AZ (1)Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery designed to change the size or shape of the nose. This procedure may also be used for medical purposes, to relieve breathing problems, correct a birth defect, or address an injury. The procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today, with more than a half-million people seeking treatment to change the appearance of their nose each year.

Rhinoplasty may be performed using a variety of techniques, depending on the issue to be addressed and the desired outcome. Scottsdale plastic surgeon Geoffrey Leber, MD customizes rhinoplasty procedures to a patient’s specific needs. The goal of rhinoplasty is to alter the nose to restore a balanced appearance to the face, for beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Who is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are patients in relatively good health with reasonable expectations about the outcome of the procedure. The surgery may be performed for the following reasons:

  • Restore symmetry to a “crooked” nose
  • Change the size of the nose
  • Alter the shape of the nose to make it more visually appealing
  • Remove bumps across the nasal bridge
  • Change the size of the nostrils

The procedure may also be done to improve breathing ability or to correct a defect that has been present since birth. If the nose has been injured, surgery may be recommended to restore the original appearance prior to injury.

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Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty are the two primary techniques used to perform cosmetic nose surgery. The goals of your procedure and your unique needs will determine which approach is the most ideal to achieve your desired look. During open rhinoplasty, Dr. Leber accesses the nasal framework through an incision made where the base of the columella (the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils) meets the upper lip. This incision location allows a great degree of visibility and control over the procedure and offers a clear access point from which Dr. Leber can recontour the nose. For this reason, open rhinoplasty is often the preferred technique for more complex rhinoplasty procedures, as well as for cases of revision rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty utilizes an internal incision, leaving no visible scarring after the procedure. The closed approach is less invasive than open rhinoplasty and can lead to less post-operative swelling and a relatively shorter recovery period.

How is the Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

Rhinoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Closed rhinoplasty restricts incision to inside the nose, while open rhinoplasty includes an incision between the nostrils. The incisions allow entry for the surgeon to alter the bone and cartilage underneath, producing a new look for the nose. Both result in little, if any, visible scarring.

Rhinoplasty usually takes 3 – 4 hours to complete. Soft material may be placed inside the nose to help it hold its new shape until healing is complete. A splint may also be placed around the nose for the same reason.

What is Recovery from Rhinoplasty Like?

Patients usually remain in the recovery area for a period of time after surgery to ensure no bleeding occurs and the effects of the anesthesia wear off properly. After this period of observation, patients are allowed to continue their recovery in the comfort of their own homes. Swelling is a normal reaction to surgery and should improve as the nose continues to heal. It can take up to one year for all inflammation to fully resolve, although the majority of swelling typically subsides within the first few months after your procedure. Dr. Leber will provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions at the time of surgery, which will include recovery tips such as:

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  • Walking short distances around the house and ambulating as soon as you are comfortable doing so
  • Keeping the head elevated above chest level when sleeping and resting
  • Using ice packs and oral pain medication when necessary to manage discomfort

Patients can generally return to work and their normal routines within one week, provided that they avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity. If your work responsibilities involve demanding physical labor, you may require a relatively longer period of absence from work. Dr. Leber will inform you when it is safe to exercise again based on your unique rate of healing.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Last?

Rhinoplasty is considered a permanent way to alter the appearance of the nose and goals are usually achieved in a single surgery. Since the cartilage and bones of the nasal framework are surgically adjusted, patients can enjoy their results for a lifetime. The full outcome of rhinoplasty may not be seen right away, due to the swelling and bruising that often occurs after surgery. The results will be evident soon after the procedure; however, it usually takes 6 – 12 weeks for swelling to resolve and around 12 months for full resolution of tissue induration.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Rhinoplasty generally costs between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the technique used during your procedure, whether a deviated septum was corrected, and the overall complexity of the surgery. This range includes expenses for anesthesia, post-operative care, surgeon’s fees, and surgical facility fees, among other potential costs. Because each nose surgery is a highly personalized procedure, it is impossible to determine an exact cost estimate without first evaluating your unique concerns. Our office will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote after your consultation with Dr. Leber.

Our accepted payment methods include financial plans from leading healthcare lending institutions, CareCredit® and Prosper® Healthcare Lending. These plastic surgery financing companies can help make rhinoplasty more affordable by offering qualified patients an array of low- to no-interest payment plans to choose from, allowing them to make the most ideal selection for their budgetary concerns. If you would like to learn more, please contact our practice to speak to a member of our team.

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Is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Possible?

Since rhinoplasty is designed to reconstruct structures within the nasal framework, there is currently no non-surgical treatment that can address the same scope of aesthetic concerns, nor achieve the same quality of results, as nose surgery. However, if you would rather avoid surgery, certain dermal fillers—such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®—can be combined to fill humps in the nasal bridge and recontour some aspects of the nose shape. Referred to as a “liquid rhinoplasty,” this minimally invasive technique can enhance the nose without the need for extensive recovery time. While the outcome will be temporary, dermal fillers may be an effective solution to improve the appearance of the nose before weddings, events, or other special occasions. If you’re interested in learning more about a liquid rhinoplasty, Dr. Leber can determine whether dermal fillers can effectively address your concerns in a consultation.

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon For Your Needs

When performed correctly and with patients’ cosmetic goals in mind, rhinoplasty can be an extremely rewarding procedure that enhances your entire facial appearance. That said, finding the right plastic surgeon for you is key to bringing your desired look to fruition. While you are researching your options, the following tips can help you pick the most qualified rhinoplasty surgeon for your needs:

  • Learn about a prospective surgeon. Read their online biography and familiarize yourself with their credentials, professional memberships, training, and educational background.
  • Select a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons are created equal. Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery often denotes extra training in aesthetic procedures beyond the mandatory minimum required to practice. Furthermore, only a handful of plastic surgeons across the country are fellowship-trained in a subspecialty of plastic surgery. Dr. Leber completed his aesthetic surgery fellowship in Beverly Hills under the direction of Dr. Richard Ellenbogen.
  • Look at before-and-after photos of previous patients. While the ideal outcome of your nose surgery should be based on your unique facial proportions rather than another patient’s results, exploring a surgeon’s rhinoplasty portfolio can give you an idea of what can be accomplished with surgery as well as the type of outcome you can potentially expect to achieve. Be sure to find pictures of individuals with similar concerns as yours (dorsal nasal hump, wide nasal bridge, bulbous nasal tip, wide nasal base, overly projecting tip, rounded tip, enlarged nostrils, crooked nose, etc.) and compare their results to what you may hope to see after surgery.
  • Read reviews and assess a plastic surgeon’s quality of care. It’s ultimately in your best interest to select a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable entrusting your safety and aesthetic goals. While a consultation is the best way to get to know a prospective surgeon, reading online reviews can at least provide you with some insight into the experiences of other patients.

If you have any questions about the rhinoplasty procedure or Dr. Leber’s experience with nose surgery, we encourage you to book an initial consultation with him to discuss your concerns.

Additional Rhinoplasty FAQs

Is male rhinoplasty different from female rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty itself is performed according to a patient’s unique needs, concerns, goals, and nasal framework. Although there are certain differences in the ideals of beauty and anatomical features (skin thickness, height of nasal bridge, etc.) between men and women, cosmetic nose surgery is still essentially performed using the open and closed techniques. The structural distinctions between a male and female nose may influence your procedure, but rhinoplasty usually has the same goals for all genders—to improve facial balance according to your natural characteristics and/or make it easier to breathe.

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What is the difference between septoplasty and rhinoplasty?

Septoplasty is performed to alleviate functional concerns, such as difficulty breathing, while rhinoplasty is meant to address issues that are more cosmetic in nature. Septoplasty specifically aims to straighten a crooked septum, which is the strip of bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils. A crooked, or deviated, septum is very common and may restrict airflow to varying degrees. When septum asymmetry is severe, it can even prevent easy breathing on an entire side of the nose. For this reason, some individuals undergo septoplasty to reposition the septum to the middle of the nose and improve airflow.

Does insurance cover rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is not usually covered by medical insurance policies. However, we do accept financing from CareCredit® and Prosper® Healthcare Lending. These companies offer qualified patients low- to no-interest financing plans to make their rhinoplasty expenses more manageable.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty involves the inherent risks that are present with any type of surgery, such as anesthesia complications, infection, poor wound healing, and unfavorable scarring. Potential negative outcomes that are unique to nose surgery include the possibility of nasal perforation, changes in skin sensation, and breathing problems, which are complications that may require revision rhinoplasty to resolve. These risks are very rare as long as patients select a well-qualified plastic surgeon to properly assess their candidacy and perform their procedure.

How long will I have to wear a rhinoplasty splint?

You should wear a nasal splint for at least one week after your procedure depending on which concerns were corrected during rhinoplasty. This is necessary to help protect and support your new nose contours while they heal into place. Dr. Leber does not typically pack the nose after a rhinoplasty procedure, therefore nasal breathing is possible immediately after surgery. No pressure should be placed on the nasal bridge during recovery, therefore patients who wear glasses should switch to contacts until the majority of healing has been completed.

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Dr. Leber and his staff are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and caring environment. If you’re interested in scheduling a procedure, reach us by phone (480) 945-5522 or contact us online.

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How much is a nose job in Scottsdale AZ? ›

Rhinoplasty typically ranges from $9,000 to $12,000 in the Tempe and Chandler, AZ, area, including anesthesia and the operating room facility, for uncomplicated cases.

How much does a rhinoplasty cost near Arizona? ›

Cost of Rhinoplasty

The price of nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, varies depending on the nature of your concerns and the techniques used by Dr. Olson during the procedure. Rhinoplasty performed at our practice ranges from $6,500 to $8,000, depending on several factors.

How much should I budget for a nose job? ›

Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 for your procedure. If your rhinoplasty is purely cosmetic, insurance is likely not to cover the costs. However, if you have documented breathing issues, insurance may cover all or a portion of the procedure.

How long is rhinoplasty recovery? ›

So, how long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty surgery? The average recovery period is typically 7 to 10 days, but it always depends on the individual.

How much is a nose job Mexico? ›

The average Rhinoplasty in Mexico starts at $3500 USD, whereas the average cost for rhinoplasty in the US is upwards of $5,400 USD – meaning you could save more than 35% by choosing to have your surgery performed in Mexico! Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can drastically change the appearance of your nose.

How much money is a nose job 2022? ›

The procedure's difficulty.

Rhinoplasty, sometimes known as a nose job, costs an average of $7,675. According to 26,614 Real Self member ratings, the price can range from $1,800 to $13,600.

Where is the best place for rhinoplasty? ›

The Czech Republic is widely considered to be one of the best countries for rhinoplasty surgery. The Eastern European nation is home to leading cosmetic surgeons that have consistently been at the forefront of technological developments within the field.

How long does a nose job take? ›

Rhinoplasty generally takes 1.5 to 3 hours and is usually an outpatient procedure. In “closed rhinoplasty,” incisions are made within the nostrils – a technique that has a limited ability to make changes. In “open rhinoplasty,” an incision is made across the tissue between the nostrils as well as within the nostrils.

How can I save for a nose job? ›

How to afford plastic surgery
  1. Look for promotions and specials. ...
  2. Take advantage of plastic surgery financing. ...
  3. Pay in cash, which may save you more money than you think. ...
  4. Combine procedures and have them in one day. ...
  5. Save money outside the operating room.
15 Dec 2019

How can I get enough money for a nose job? ›

Plastic Surgery Financing: How to Pay for Your Procedure
  1. 9 plastic surgery loans to consider. ...
  2. Enroll in a payment plan through the surgeon. ...
  3. Utilize a medical credit card like CareCredit. ...
  4. Use a credit card with a 0% APR offer. ...
  5. Take out a fixed-rate personal loan. ...
  6. Budget and save up in advance.
20 Oct 2021

Is it cheaper to tip rhinoplasty? ›

Nasal tip plasty is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, as well as skill and expertise. The cost may be slightly lower than it would be for a more extensive rhinoplasty, but a tip plasty nose job will still involve a decent expenditure around a few thousand dollars.

How much does a nose job change your face? ›

Rhinoplasty might change the shape, size, appearance, projection or a combination of these elements depending on the needs of the patient. The lips, chin, cheeks and other facial features remain intact unless you undergo other procedures.

Is nose surgery painful? ›

Is rhinoplasty painful? Not for most people. One day after surgery, most people rate their pain between 0 and 4 out of 10.

Why do nose jobs cost so much? ›

Rhinoplasty is a Highly Skilled Job

Due to the highly critical nature of the job and the skilled nature of the work, there are stringent training requirements and exams that a cosmetic surgeon needs to pass to qualify as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This training takes years and years of hard work.

Can I go back to work 3 days after a rhinoplasty? ›

How soon can I go back to work after rhinoplasty? The majority of swelling should start to subside within 3-days. you are able to go back to work (or school) just one week after their rhinoplasty. Ease into more strenuous activities.

Will insurance cover a rhinoplasty? ›

In general, cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures are considered elective surgery and not covered by health insurance. If there is a functional or medical component, such as a problem with breathing or other cause, then that portion of the procedure may possibly be covered by a person's insurance plan.

What are risks of rhinoplasty? ›

Risk of severe surgical or post-operative complication. Severe bleeding or infection are the most common “medical” rhinoplasty complications. In my practice, bleeding requiring urgent attention and intervention occurs in less than 1 in 500 cases. Post-operative infections happen about 1% of the time.

How much is a nose job in Florida? ›

How much does a nose job cost? In the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area, rhinoplasty surgeries usually range from $3,000 to $7,000. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of this surgery is $3,833.

How much is an American nose job? ›

The cost for a nose job surgery can be as little as $2,500. But it often ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000. The surgeon you select and where in the U.S. you have the procedure will influence your costs the most. A filler or liquid procedure costs about $1,100 or more.

How much does a nose job cost in Beverly Hills? ›

What is the Cost of Rhinoplasty? The cost of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills varies, based upon the extent of the changes needed, typically costing in the range of $10,000 to $15,000, as it is a custom surgery requiring high-level surgical skills.

What age is nose job best? ›

The Ideal Age Range for Rhinoplasty Surgery

While there is no definite right age to have rhinoplasty, between 18 and 40 is considered an ideal range. By this time you have developed physically and in maturity to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty, and your skin still maintains youthful elasticity.

How many nose jobs do you need? ›

There is no set number for how many revision rhinoplasties one person can get. However, there is a finite amount that you can get effectively. Each additional nose job comes with additional complications. Once there are too many complications, the risks increase.

What will my ID look like with a nose job? ›

FaceTune, photo editing apps, and filters allow you to tweak your features so you can envision potential rhinoplasty results. Some apps offer “beauty filters” that apply one-size-fits-all adjustments to the nose, while others allow for more personalized changes.

How do I choose a good rhinoplasty surgeon? ›

Check with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for a list of local qualified doctors. Check for reviews from previous patients. You can find these on the physician websites, consumer medical websites and sites like Yelp and Google+. When you go in for a consultation, ask to see rhinoplasty before and after photos.

Who do celebrities go to for rhinoplasty? ›

Dr. Kassir is a leading expert in celebrity rhinoplasty or celebrity nose job surgery. He performed surgery on VIPs from social media and the movie and music industry in his practices in New York and New Jersey. He has over 400,000 followers on social media.

How painful is nose job recovery? ›

In the first few days after your rhinoplasty procedure, you'll experience swelling, bruising and potentially some minor bleeding. Every patient's pain threshold varies, but most patients report fairly mild discomfort after surgery. Most patients find the sensation of being 'bunged up' more disorientating.

Do you go to sleep for a nose job? ›

You will probably be lightly sedated, but awake during the surgery (relaxed and not feeling pain). General anesthesia allows you to sleep through the operation. The surgery is usually done through a cut (incision) made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the cut is made from outside, around the base of the nose.

Does your nose go back to normal after rhinoplasty? ›

It may take a few months for your nasal skin to completely return to normal after rhinoplasty. It's normal for it to be oily or dry, sensitive, acne-prone, pink or red, etc.

How do people afford plastic surgery? ›

If you're considering a cosmetic procedure, you might be looking for options to help cover the cost, such as a medical credit card, personal loan or medical loan. Here's our roundup of the best plastic surgery financing options and the features that make them stand out.

How can I make my wide nose smaller? ›

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty for narrowing a wide nose

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is also called a “liquid rhinoplasty.” The procedure is done by injecting a filler, usually hyaluronic acid, into the nose. Liquid rhinoplasties are best for changing the shape of the nose.

How much money is required for plastic surgery of nose? ›

Rhinoplasty: Rs 1,00,000 - 1,50,000. Liposuction: Rs 50,000 - 2,00,000. Tummy tuck: Rs 1,00,000 - 2,00,000. Dermabrasion: Rs 1,00,000 - 1,50,000.

What percentage of nose jobs are successful? ›

Medical literature has suggested that the revision rate of Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is between 10 and 15 percent, therefore Rhinoplasty has about an 85 to 90 percent success rate, although this could be higher if the operation is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in this procedure.

Do you have to pay all at once for nose job? ›

Most plastic surgeons require payment by the day of the surgery, though any pre-surgery appointments, such as the consultation, need to be paid before the nose job procedure. Some people tap into savings to pay for their nose job to avoid having to pay interest on financing.

Can I get a free nose job with a deviated septum? ›

Rhinoplasty may be deemed medically necessary, and therefore covered by insurance, if you have difficulty breathing due to: Nasal fracture. Deviated septum. Cleft palate.

Do all nose jobs require breaking the nose? ›

The short answer is no. The bones in your nose are not broken during a nose job but rather are, in some cases, carefully cut and reset to achieve the desired outcome. As each nose job is uniquely tailored to a patient's anatomy and personal concerns, some don't need any “breaking” at all.

Is open or closed rhinoplasty cheaper? ›

A closed rhinoplasty performed by a more skilled and experienced surgeon will be more expensive than a closed or open rhinoplasty performed by a less skilled or experienced surgeon.

How do you fix a bulbous nose? ›

Bulbous Tip Treatment Options

Treating the bulbous nasal tip with rhinoplasty involves refining and reconfiguring small cartilage edges, along with suturing techniques to create a sharper yet natural nasal tip. For thicker skinned patients, thinning of the nasal tip skin may be necessary.

Will my nose be soft again after rhinoplasty? ›

The nose, especially the tip, will remain hard for several months after surgery, after which the tissue will begin to soften as the remaining swelling fades. It will, however, not reach full softness until about a year after surgery.

Will a nose job change how pretty I am? ›

It may come as little surprise that the attractiveness of the women who had undergone nose jobs went up considerably, with an average increase of 14 points.

Will I look weird with a nose job? ›

Typically, a well performed rhinoplasty will look completely natural after surgery. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to decrease the hump and refine the tip in a way that you will see a great result, but everyone else will not even know you had surgery.

Does rhinoplasty make your eyes look bigger? ›

Rhinoplasty, when done artfully, will improve facial harmony, and should not change the apparent spacing between your eyes. Anatomically, the spacing between your eyes will not change with rhinoplasty.

How can I change the shape of my nose without surgery? ›

Dermal fillers

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a procedure in which a dermal filler is injected beneath your skin to change the shape of your nose. The procedure also goes by the nicknames “liquid nose job” or “15-minute nose job.” During the procedure, a doctor will inject a gel-like dermal filler beneath your skin.

How much does the average nose job cost in the US? ›

The bottom line

The cost for a nose job surgery can be as little as $2,500. But it often ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000. The surgeon you select and where in the U.S. you have the procedure will influence your costs the most. A filler or liquid procedure costs about $1,100 or more.

Can a nose job fix a wide nose? ›

Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Wide Nose? Yes, rhinoplasty can fix a wide nose. During a nose job surgery, your plastic surgeon can reduce the size of excessively wide nasal bones that make your nose look disproportionately wide, affecting the overall look and symmetry of your face.

How much does a nose job cost near Tucson AZ? ›

The anesthesia can range in price from $600- $1000 and the operating facility can cost anywhere from $700 – $1100. This brings the total average price between $5000 and $10,000. There may be additional charges for medical test and prescription medications that will be needed after the surgery.

How much does a nose job cost in Hawaii? ›

Schlesinger range from $9,000 to $12,000. This includes surgeon's fees, operating room and lab costs, post-op materials, and laser scar revision, tattooing and/or touch-ups, should they be necessary (most plastic surgeons do not include touch-ups as part of their rhinoplasty fee).

Is Tip plasty cheaper than rhinoplasty? ›

Nasal tip plasty is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, as well as skill and expertise. The cost may be slightly lower than it would be for a more extensive rhinoplasty, but a tip plasty nose job will still involve a decent expenditure around a few thousand dollars.

Is getting a nose job worth it? ›

In short: yes – it is worth it to get a nose job when your goals are realistic, and you're working with a rhinoplasty surgeon with positive reviews, known for success with facial surgeries.

How can you tell if a nose job is botched? ›

Signs of a Bad Rhinoplasty
  1. Very Low Nose Bridge.
  2. Disproportionate Appearance.
  3. Pinched Nostrils.
  4. Tip of the Nose Is Too High.
  5. Difficulty of Breathing.
  6. Bridge and Tip of the Nose Are of the Same Width.
  7. Incorrect Size of Nostrils.

What is a botched nose job? ›

This might mean your surgeon shaved away too much cartilage, in addition to filing the bone down to a level that was too low. This can also occur if the surgeon removed too much tissue inside the nose, weakening the nasal structure and causing the nose to collapse.

How much does your nose change after rhinoplasty? ›

After your nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure, swelling of the nose and face is normal and can initially make your nose appear larger. For the first two weeks post-op, the swelling will be quite noticeable. But after the second week, swelling usually subsides and becomes much less obvious.

How much is a nose job New York? ›

Kwak performs. Each person will require a different degree of nasal refinement, and some will need a more complex approach involving techniques such as cartilage grafting. As such, pricing will vary from client to client. The average cost of one of the best rhinoplasty in NYC is anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.


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