Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (2022)

Spicy and slightly sweet beer-flavored bbq sauce is easy to make and tastes great!

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Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (1)

This homemade beer BBQ sauce recipe has a delicious flavor that is rich, spicy, and slightly sweet. It's made with wholesome ingredients that are easy to find.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (2)

Homemade beer bbq sauce is perfect for either grilling during bbq season, or you can serve it in your favorite bbq recipe. We like to put a spicy twist on our pulled pork recipe with this delicious sauce!

Why This Recipe Works

  • It's healthier than most bottled sauces; made with less sugar and naturally sweet.
  • Homemade barbecue sauce is customizable, see the suggestions below.
Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (3)

Here is What You Will Need

This is an overview of the ingredients and steps to make this recipe; scroll down for a printable recipe card with exact measurements and instructions.

Ingredient List


Here is how to make homemade spicy beer bbq sauce

It's so easy to make this homemade bbq sauce recipe, all that you will need are some simple wholesome ingredients and a little bit of hands-off time to simmer the bbq sauce.

Prepare the ingredients: Dice the garlic and onion, and chipotle pepper, squeeze the orange juice and measure the remaining ingredients.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (4)

Step 1. Cook the aromatics

Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the pan is hot, add the garlic and onion and cook until they are soft.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (5)

Step 3. Add the remaining ingredients

Stir in the tomato paste, chipotle pepper, orange juice, syrup, beer, and tomatoes. Continue to cook over medium heat until the mixture begins to boil.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (6)

Step 4. Simmer the sauce

Reduce the heat to low heat, and simmer the sauce for 10 minutes until it starts to thicken.

(Video) How to Make Spicy BBQ Sauce with Beer | Feat. Canadian Breakfast Stout
Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (7)

Step 5. Blend the sauce

Use an immersion blender to puree the bbq sauce into a texture that you like.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (8)

Step 6. Simmer the sauce

Add the bay leaf and simmer the bbq sauce for at least 20 minutes longer.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (9)

Step 7. Season & enjoy!

The sauce will have reduced in the pan by about a half and should be thick. Season with salt and enjoy!

Note: If you don't have an immersion blender, you can pour the sauce into a food processor or blender to puree it.

Ingredient Notes and Substitutions

The full list of ingredients to make this bbq sauce recipe is above. Below are notes about some of the ingredients along with ideas for substitutes.

  • Beer - for an alcohol-free version of beer bbq sauce, you can replace the beer with ¾ cup of fresh orange juice or nonalcoholic beer.
  • Maple syrup - use honey, agave nectar, or brown rice syrup in place of maple syrup.
  • Apple cider vinegar - adds a tangy flavor to bbq sauce, it can be substituted with white wine vinegar or rice vinegar.
  • Worcestershire sauce - adds a nice umami flavor to the sauce and can easily be substituted with soy sauce or tamari sauce.
  • Garlic & onions - I like to use freshly chopped, but you can substitute fresh with onion powder (1 teaspoon) and garlic powder (½ teaspoon).
  • Chipotle chili pepper - If you can't find the chipotle peppers in a can, you can use chipotle sauce such as Cholula chipotle sauce. If you don't like spicy food, the chipotle pepper can be left out.

What to serve with beer bbq sauce

Bbq sauce has so many uses, especially during the summer grilling months. Brush it on grilled chicken, pork, beef or tofu.

We also like to use this sauce to spice up our bbq chicken egg rolls, or stir it into the dip and serve with air-fried chicken tenders or air-fried cauliflower.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (10)


Homemade bbq sauce is so customizable, experiment with different ingredients and see what kind of sauce you come up with. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Mexican beer bbq sauce. Replace the crushed tomatoes with an equal amount of salsa, chopped jalapeno pepper, and a dash of chili powder, and use Mexican beer.

Sweet beer bbq sauce. Add ¼ to /12 cup of raisins or your favorite dried fruit, with a fruit-infused beer.

(Video) Beer BBQ Sauce - 2 minute barbecue sauces you can make at home.

Whiskey bbq sauce. Replace the beer with ½ to ¾ cup of bourbon, add a teaspoon of dried mustard.

Add a smokey flavor. Stir in ¼ to ½ teaspoon smoked paprika or a dash of liquid smoke once the sauce has been cooked.

If you love homemade bbq sauce, be sure to try out our homemade blueberry bbq sauce too!

How to store homemade bbq sauce

As with most sauces, homemade bbq sauce tastes much better after it has had time for the flavors to blend together. I like to make the sauce a day or two before using it.

Store bbq sauce in the refrigerator for up to weeks in an airtight glass container. I like to use a pint-sized mason jar. But any type of jar or glass container will work.

You can also freeze the homemade sauce for up to three months. Defrost the bbq sauce in the refrigerator overnight.

Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (11)

Tips for making the best homemade bbq sauce

  • If you prefer a thicker sauce, let it cook 10 minutes longer, If you prefer it thin, cook it for approximately 5 minutes less time. Remove the bbq sauce from the stove once it reaches a consistency that you like.
  • This sauce is a little bit chunky. If you prefer a smooth texture, place it in a high-speed blender until it's smooth, or you can run the sauce through a fine strainer after using the immersion blender.
  • Adjust the flavors of the sauce with a little bit of salt, pepper, syrup or vinegar before serving.

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Beer bbq sauce FAQs

Below are questions frequently asked about making this recipe. If you have a question and don't see it below. Leave a comment at the end of this post and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What type of beer is the best to use to make beer bbq sauce?

You can use just about beer style as long as you like the flavor of the beer. Dark beer (porter or stout) is a good choice if you like a more robust beer flavor in your bbq sauce. Lagers will be lighter in flavor. Fruit-infused wheat beer, especially citrus or berry is also a good option. The flavors blend well with the orange in the bbq sauce.

How can I adjust the heat in the bbq sauce if it's too spicy?

If the amount of heat in your spicy bbq sauce is too much, you can adjust the heat by adding something acidic such as vinegar, tomatoes, or citrus juice. Start with a little bit of vinegar and tomatoes, and if it's still too hot try adding a little more orange or lemon juice.

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Spicy Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce (12)

Spicy Beer BBQ Sauce

Spicy and slightly sweet beer-flavored bbq sauce is easy to make and tastes great!

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Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

Click on serving size to scale this recipe

Course: Sauce and Salsa Recipes

Cuisine: American

Keyword: bbq sauce recipe, beer bbq sauce, homemade bbq sauce

Servings: 1 ¾ cups

Calories: 45kcal

Author: Anne Lawton

(Video) Spicy BBQ Sauce With Beer

Scale this Recipe 1 ¾ cups


  • 1 tablespoon olive or avocado oil
  • ½ cup chopped onions approximately 1 small onion
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • ¾ cup beer
  • 1 cup crushed tomatoes
  • 1 chipotle pepper with 1 tablespoon sauce
  • 1 ½ tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce


  • chop the garlic, onion and chipotle pepper, squeeze the orange juice and measure the remaining ingredients.

  • Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the pan is hot, add the garlic and onion; cook until they begin to turn soft.

  • Stir in the tomato paste, syrup, chipotle pepper, orange juice, beer, and tomatoes. Continue to cook over medium heat until the mixture begins to boil.

  • Reduce the heat to low heat and simmer the sauce for about 10 minutes.

  • Remove the pan from the heat, and use an immersion blender to puree the bbq sauce into a texture that you like.

  • Add the bay leaf and the Worcestershire sauce and simmer for 20 minutes longer, or until the sauce reaches a consistency that you like.



Store bbq sauce in the refrigerator for up to weeks in an airtight glass container. I like to use a pint-sized mason jar. But any type of jar or glass container will work.


Serving: 1tablespoon | Calories: 45kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 66mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 4g

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(Video) Beer BBQ Sauce

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(Video) Homemade Beer BBQ Sauce.

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How do you spice up homemade BBQ sauce? ›

Adding garlic or onion powder are standard flavors for barbecue, but get a little creative and try out different chili powders, peppers, cumin, or dried herbs to add body to the sauce.

What beer goes with BBQ? ›

BBQ Beer
  • Pale Lager.
  • Blonde Ale.
  • Hefeweizen.
  • Pale Ale.
  • IPA.
  • Amber Ale.
  • Irish Red Ale.
  • Brown Ale.
27 Aug 2020

What makes Carolina BBQ sauce different? ›

Carolina barbeque sauce is thick and tangy with a very subtle sweetness. While Midwest and southwest style barbeque sauces contain a good amount of sugar and are sweet in taste, Carolina barbeque sauces contains very little sugar which results in a sour, tangier flavor.

What spices compliment BBQ? ›

  • Black Pepper. The resinous flavor and piercing heat of black pepper make it THE essential spice to pair with the smoky and charred flavors that only come with grilling. ...
  • Onion. Sweet onion is the perfect spice pairing for grilled everything. ...
  • Ground Cumin. ...
  • Smoked Paprika. ...
  • Oregano. ...
  • Crushed Red Pepper. ...
  • Turmeric. ...
  • Thyme.

What herbs go in BBQ sauce? ›

For extra texture and depth, you might add aromatics. Finely chopped onions, bell pepper, and minced garlic are all good choices. Some herbs that work well in barbecue sauce are basil, bay leaf, cilantro, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

What is the most famous BBQ sauce? ›

It doesn't get more classic than Sweet Baby Ray's, which is the best-selling barbecue sauce in the country.

Why do people put beer on their BBQ? ›

Braise with beer

If you're cooking ribs, brisket or chicken, then consider beer braising them for a traditional BBQ flavour. Beer is often added to braising liquid, which cooks over a low heat, so most of the alcohol is removed but the rich flavour remains.

What does beer do to BBQ? ›

Beer as a marinade or brine

The base of your marinade is beer, like Steam Whistle Pilsner, which will act as an acid to soften the connective tissues in the meat you're marinating. This softening helps melt the collagen found in meat, letting water in and helping to create the juiciest meal you've ever eaten.

What is Tennessee style BBQ? ›

But Tennessee barbecue is most clearly defined in Memphis; it is best known for both "dry" and "wet" pork ribs, as well as pulled pork shoulder served with a tomato-based barbecue sauce. Dry ribs are covered in a "rub" — a mix of spices and herbs — and then smoked.

What is California style BBQ? ›

As opposed to Texas-style barbecue, this California style uses quick-cooking cuts (namely tri-tip) and grills them over a fire in a short amount of time.

What's the number one BBQ sauce in America? ›

There's a reason why Sweet Baby Ray's is the most popular barbecue sauce in America—it delivers a drool-worthy sweet taste and thick texture.

What are the 4 styles of BBQ? ›

Before you start prepping your rubs and firing up your offset vertical smoker, you need to know about the four main regional styles that characterize barbecue in the United States: Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas.

Why do you put mustard on BBQ? ›

The mustard gives the dry spices something to cling to, so that they don't fall off when you transfer the ribs to the grill. When the seasoning rub is glued to the meat, it helps the ribs develop a crispier bark. Because moist surfaces attract smoke, the layer of mustard can also promote a stronger smoke flavor.

Is paprika good for BBQ? ›

Dry rubs with paprika make the perfect addition to pork, chicken and even seafood. Our vegan friends could even throw it on some tofu or seitan for a little extra pizzazz. Our Memphis Style Barbecue Rub is one of those seasonings that you should just always have on hand for grilling season.

What is the main ingredient in BBQ sauce? ›

Ingredients vary, but most include vinegar or tomato paste (or a combination) as a base, as well as liquid smoke, onion powder, spices such as mustard and black pepper, and sweeteners such as sugar or molasses.

What makes BBQ sauce taste like BBQ sauce? ›

Tangy starts with the acid component in tomato, which is the base for many barbecue sauces. But tangy and sour flavors can be boosted by using different types of vinegar, lemon, grapefruit juice, mustard, pickle juice, tamarind paste (which also adds a touch of sweetness), or even beer.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's favorite barbecue sauce? ›

Sweet Baby Ray's has become enmeshed in company lore ever since Mr. Zuckerberg made his love for the sauce known on a 2016 livestream video that has been memed into oblivion.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's favorite BBQ sauce? ›

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg had a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on his bookshelf.

What is the number 1 sauce in America? ›

One can have Cholula sauce for their tacos but use Louisiana sauce for their wings. In the end, Sriracha sauce is unofficially America's favorite hot sauce. Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc.

How do you make Alton Brown BBQ sauce? ›

Alton Brown Barbecue Sauce
  1. Produce. 1/4 tsp Garlic powder. 1/8 tsp Onion powder.
  2. Canned Goods. 6 oz Tomato paste.
  3. Condiments. 2 tbsp Molasses. 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce.
  4. Baking & Spices. 1/4 tsp Black pepper. 5/16 cup Brown sugar. 1/2 tsp Paprika, smoked. ...
  5. Oils & Vinegars. 3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar.
  6. Liquids. 1 cup Water.

How do you make James Martin BBQ sauce? ›

For the BBQ Sauce:
  1. 250ml tomato ketchup.
  2. 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar.
  3. 1 shallot, diced.
  4. 1 garlic clove crushed.
  5. 4 tablespoons bourbon whiskey.
  6. 4 tablespoons maple syrup.
  7. 2 tablespoons molasses.
  8. 1 eating apple, cored and chopped.

Why do they put anchovies in BBQ sauce? ›

Anchovies are a great source of the savory flavor component known as umami. Look carefully at the ingredients lists of modern barbecue sauces and you will often find Worcestershire. In fact Worcestershire is the backbone of the most obscure of our regional barbecue sauces, Kentucky Black Barbecue Sauce.

What's the number 1 sauce in the world? ›

10 Best Rated Sauces in the World
  • Sauce. Nam phrik. THAILAND. shutterstock. ...
  • Sauce. Vietnamese Fish Sauce (Nước chấm) VIETNAM. shutterstock. ...
  • Dip. Muhammara. Aleppo. Syria. ...
  • Sauce. Hoisin Sauce. CHINA. shutterstock. ...
  • Meat-based Sauce. Ragù alla Bolognese. Bologna. Italy. ...
  • Dip. Tzatziki. GREECE. shutterstock. ...
  • Sauce. Mole. MEXICO. ...
  • Sauce. Tkemali. GEORGIA.
9 Nov 2022

What is the oldest BBQ sauce in America? ›

Found in the eastern half of both North and South Carolina, Eastern-style vinegar sauce has the unique honor of being the oldest barbecue sauce in the country.

What is the best sauce of all time? ›

11 Top Sauces
  • hummus.
  • home made mayonnaise.
  • chilli oil.
  • BBQ sauce.
  • sicilian nut pesto.
  • almond cream.
  • walnut & white bean puree.
  • harissa.

What happens if you soak meat in beer? ›

Marinating meat with a craft beer does something very special. First, it infuses the meat with the moisture that's needed for cooking. Second, it makes the meat soft to get that melt-in-your-mouth feeling. And third, it allows you to introduce new flavors deep into the meat.

How long should you soak meat in beer? ›

Instructions. In a 9- X 13-inch glass baking dish, combine beer, oil, garlic, lemon juice, sugar, salt and cloves; add steak. Cover dish and marinate in refrigerator, turning once or twice, at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours.

Why do they wet the glass before pouring beer? ›

First, rinsing the glass removes any unsee-able particles of dust or dirt, resulting in a properly “beer clean” glass. The carbonation in beer will cling to any speck of dirt, potential leftover beer residue, dishwasher cleaning chemicals, etc.

Does heat destroy beer? ›

Light and excessive heat can damage the flavor and stability of your finished beer. They cause a variety of off-flavors and will also prematurely age your beer.

Does cooking with beer burn off alcohol? ›

It is true that some of the alcohol evaporates, or burns off, during the cooking process.

Is cooking with beer unhealthy? ›

tif. Surprising but true: Cooking with beer can actually be a healthy way to flavor food—here's why. A 12-ounce bottle of regular beer has about 150 calories and is free of fat and cholesterol. It also has very little sodium-only 1% of the recommended daily allowance.

Can you pour beer on BBQ? ›

If you're cooking over indirect heat, adding beer to a “mop” does wonders. A mop is a sauce you baste with as you grill. “You'll get a lot of caramel color added because of the sugars in the beer,” Saunders says. Mop at least three times during the cooking process.

What kind of beer goes with pulled pork? ›

Pulled Pork and Ribs have very intense flavors that can't be matched with just your average beer. Try an American pale ale for a more citrusy taste to accent the notes of sweetness with its strong hops. Beer works as a great palate cleanser, especially IPA's.

What beer goes with BBQ pulled pork? ›

Porter - Considered a medium body beer, but one that won't overpower the meat, Porters are a great match for BBQ pork. The smokiness and roasted malt flavors balance the flavors of the meat, while sometimes even adding a hint of toasted chocolate or coffee flavors.

What is South Carolina style BBQ? ›

Also, South Carolina style introduces elements of mustard in either the rub or sauce, as this state counts mustard spice as a major cash crop. This BBQ style's signature dish is pork shoulder served with hush puppies, green beans, and coleslaw.

What is Missouri style BBQ? ›

Louis-style barbecue refers to spare ribs associated with the St. Louis area. These are usually grilled rather than slow-cooked over indirect heat with smoke which is typically associated with the term "barbecue" in the United States.

What is Ozark style BBQ? ›

Ozark barbecue is idiosyncratic: pecan and hickory smoke, sweet and sour sauce with influences from Kansas City and Memphis, and a focus on pork.

What is Portuguese style BBQ? ›

"Churrasco" is simply the Portuguese translation of the word "barbecue". As in its French version, it means both the way of cooking "au churrasco", traditionally made with charcoal, and the grills themselves.

What is aquarium style BBQ? ›

This rectangular contraption allows him to build a wood-burning fire indoors and it directs the smoke out through a chimney flue. It features tempered glass windows so he can see inside, making it look like an aquarium. It replicates the flavor of Southern pit cooking and is mainly found on the South Side of Chicago.

What makes Hawaiian BBQ different? ›

In Hawaii, you're not getting the traditional ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. On the island they do it a little different. Typically ordering BBQ here means you get a large platter of grilled meat or chicken, sweet-and-tangy from a marinade of shoyu (soy sauce), sugar, and fresh garlic and ginger.

What state has the best BBQ in the US? ›

Texas is the best state for BBQ. It's home to three of the top 12 best BBQ cities in America: San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Americans are passionate about their BBQ foods, with conversations around the grill often sparking fiery debates over which is best: North Carolina style vs. Kansas City style, wet rub vs.

Which state had the best BBQ? ›

1. Texas. Few people will disagree that the state of Texas is the best place to experience real American barbecue. Texas is unique in that is has different styles of barbecue throughout the state.

How do you make cheap BBQ sauce taste better? ›

If the Sauce Tastes Bland

Onion powder, cumin, garlic, peppers: these are all go-to flavors for amping up the flavor profile of a too-bland, too-generic barbecue sauce. My two personal favorite ingredients to add are Worcestershire sauce and plain yellow mustard.

How can I make my BBQ better? ›

All-time top 10 BBQ tips
  1. Get the right barbecue. ...
  2. Use the right fuel. ...
  3. Wait for the right moment to cook. ...
  4. Get the temperature bang on. ...
  5. Get the best tools. ...
  6. Make your own burgers. ...
  7. Fish is great on barbecues. ...
  8. Marinade, marinade, marinade!
7 Jul 2014

What makes BBQ sauce shiny? ›

Cornstarch. Very similar to flour, we can use cornstarch to thicken BBQ sauce. In fact, if you are going to use your sauce on ribs then this might be the best way to go. Cornstarch can help create a glossy sheen across whatever we apply it too, which is exactly the kind of aesthetic that goes so well with BBQ ribs.

Is white vinegar or apple cider vinegar better for BBQ sauce? ›

The vinegar used for this style of sauce is usually apple cider vinegar, but plain white vinegar works as well. In fact, any vinegar will work provided that the other ingredients match the flavors. Try balsamic or fruit-based vinegars.

What gives BBQ sauce its flavor? ›

Ingredients vary, but most include vinegar or tomato paste (or a combination) as a base, as well as liquid smoke, onion powder, spices such as mustard and black pepper, and sweeteners such as sugar or molasses.

Is there vinegar in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce? ›

Ingredients High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Modified Corn Starch, Contains Less Than 2% Of Salt, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spice, Caramel Color, Molasses, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Garlic,* Mustard Flour, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Tamarind, Natural Flavor, Celery Seed.

Do you add BBQ sauce before or after baking? ›

Apply the sauce after the meat has been cooked. Depending on the cooking temperature and the type of sugar, a sweet sauce can get gummy or even burn. So, apply the sauce at the end, about 15-30 minutes before removing the pork to add rich flavor.

What to add to BBQ sauce to make it a marinade? ›

Here are some nifty ways of using BBQ sauce in a marinade for chicken. Add two tablespoons of BBQ sauce to a combination of olive oil, beer, pepper, cayenne, onions, garlic, and parsley. You can also use ginger beer instead of beer. Mix BBQ sauce with an Italian salad dressing.

What should you cook first on a BBQ? ›

You put the food on when you've lit the barbecue

Putting on meat when you've first lit the barbecue will lead to scorched outsides and raw insides. Aside from steaks or quick cooking chops, everything else (like sausages and chicken drumsticks) are best put on when the flames have died down and the embers are white.

What makes a BBQ great? ›

What makes good BBQ? I consider successful barbecue to be the combination of seven basic characteristics happening at once: tenderness, juiciness, smokiness, proper fat rendering, enhanced rub, good exterior bark, all with a firm texture.

Should you pre cook food before BBQ? ›

1) Precook Your Meats

Not only will save you time when it comes to grilling your food, it also gives you reassurance that the food is cooked through properly. Most importantly though, less time in front of the bbq means you get more time to socialise with your friends.

Can you use kitty litter BBQ? ›

Do not use kitty litter or sand, as they may cause rusting or bad odours. Before closing up the barbecue, lightly coat the cooking side of the grills and plate with canola oil or a cooking spray to prevent rusting.

Can a rusty BBQ be restored? ›

Remove Grill Rust with Baking Soda

Sprinkle the baking soda generously onto the grate and turn the BBQ on. The heat from the BBQ will make the baking soda bubble, this process will eliminate the rust from the grill. Once the baking soda has finished bubbling, turn the grill off and leave the BBQ to cool down.

How long does homemade BBQ last in the fridge? ›

Allow the BBQ Sauce to cool to room temperature then transfer it to a mason jar or an air-tight container. Store for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.


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