Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (2023)

Good sunscreen is essential in summer, especially for children, to protect sensitive skin from sunburn. Öko-Test examined sunscreens for children in 2020 and 2022, Stiftung Warentest in 2020 and 2023. Here you can find all the test winners of the last few years.

What sunscreen for children & babies (does not) need

The skin of children and babies is particularly sensitive to strong sunlight. In order to protect your offspring adequately in summer, you should always apply sufficient sun protection to the unclothed areas of your skin. At least is recommended sun protection factor 30, 50 is better.

With children you should make sure that no critical chemical UV filters (octocrylene, homosalate etc.) are included. Although nanoparticles in sunscreen are not without controversy, there is not yet sufficient evidence that they are a health hazard, according to Öko-Test in the summer of 2022.

In addition, it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory substances such as aloe vera or avoid panthenol in sunscreen. While these are not harmful, they can prevent reddening of the skin and give the impression that the skin is protected longer than it actually is.

Sun protection for children at Stiftung Warentest: Winner 2023

+++ The results of the next sunscreen test for children by Stiftung Warentest will only be published on 29. June 2023.We will then update the test winners right here. (Below you will find the Stiftung Warentest winners from 2020, when the last comparable test was published.) +++

Sun protection for children at Öko-Test: test winner 2022

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (1)

In the summer of 2022, Öko-Test tested around 20 sunscreens for children and babies, including three that were certified natural cosmetic products (also known as organic sunscreens). A total of nine products were “very good”.

Among the natural cosmetic creams, the following two creams were test winners - they can also be seen in the title picture above:

  • Alverde Kids Sensitive Sun Balm 50, available from dm.
  • Lavera Kids Sensitive Sun Lotion 50, available direct from lavera, but at almost 20 euros per bottle it is exorbitantly expensive. (Sunscreen should be cheap enough that it's better to use too much than too little, we think.)

Among conventional sunscreens, these seven products were the winners:

  • Avène Children's Sun Spray SPF 50+, available** e.g. at DocMorris, store pharmacy or Amazon, with 20,- Euro and more also very expensive.
  • Babydream Extra Sensitive Sun Spray 50+, available from Rossmann.
  • Babylove Sun Spray Sensitive 50+, available from dm.
  • Hipp baby soft sun milk ultra sensitive 50+
  • Ladival For Children Sun Protection Milk 50+, available** e.g. at DocMorris, store pharmacy or Amazon, also almost 20 euros expensive.
  • Paediprotect sun spray 50+, available from e.g Amazon.
  • Sundance Kids Sensitive Sun Lotion 50+, available from dm.

The best By the way, among the "very good" products is the last-mentioned Sundance Kids Sensitive Sun Lotion 50+ (from dm), which has approx. 5 euros/200 ml costs. The cheapest "very good" natural cosmetic product is the Alverde Kids Sensitive Sun Balm 50, also from dm, which is approx. 9,-/200 ml costs.

Do you want to read all the results in detail? No problem: You can find the complete children's sunscreen test in Öko-Test 06/2022 or right here on We can also tell you more about the test mentioned here – just click on the box below:

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (2)

Children's sunscreen at Öko-Test: many creams recommended, well-known brands fail

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Sun protection for children at Öko-Test 2020

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (3)

In the summer of 2020, Öko-Test again tested around 20 sunscreens for children and babies. The test included 16 conventional products and five sunscreens with a natural cosmetics certificate. All tested creams also had the information "waterproof" and "sensitive' and/or 'fragrance-free': Critical Fragrances, otherwise always a problem with cosmetics, was therefore not to be criticized according to the Öko-Test.

The result was mostly positive: More than half of the creams scored “good” or “very good”. However, the laboratory found UV filters such as in eight creams octocrylene and homosalatewhich, according to Öko-Test, are suspected of disrupting the endocrine system.

The natural cosmetic products caused some trouble in 2020 - which is surprising, as they often occupy the top positions when Öko-Test deals with cosmetics. The consumer testers also by no means criticized the ingredients of the natural cosmetic sun creams, but that titanium dioxide or. zinc oxide not correct as nanoparticles had been declared. That's why all organic sunscreens only received the test result "good".

The best sunscreen for children & babies: test winner 2020

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (4)

The top spots in 2020 were therefore occupied by two conventional creams that were "very good":

  • Ladival For Children Sun Protection Milk 50+, Available at DocMorris, store pharmacy or Amazon.
  • Sun Dance Kids Sun Lotion 50, available from dm

The five children's sunscreens from natural cosmetics brands each received a "good" in the test. There were:

  • Biarritz Alga Maris 50+ sun protection for children.
  • Biosolis Sun Milk Baby & Kids 50+.
  • Eco Cosmetics Baby & Kids Neutral Sunscreen SPF 50+.
  • Lavera Kids Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 50.
  • Weleda Baby & Kids Sun Edelweiss Sensitive Sun Cream 50.

Unfortunately, not all products are now commercially available. Because the formulations of cosmetic products can also change over the years (although the name of the product remains the same), we advise you to always look for the latest test winners from the current year. Then you can be sure that you really get "very good" or to get "good" products.

By the way: On ourcoupon platform you will find current discount codes for many Natural cosmetics shops.

Stiftung Warentest 2020: Test winner children's sunscreen

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (5)

The Stiftung Warentest last tested sun protection for children in 2020, the next test will not be published until the end of June 2023. Three years ago, 17 sunscreens, lotions and sprays with SPF 30/50/50+ came under scrutiny. Like Öko-Test, Stiftung Warentest did not find any critical fragrances. Most products were "good" or better.

In particular, cheap own brands were able to score - these four were even in 2020 "very good":

  • Aldi Ombra Easy Protect Kids (Sun Spray)
  • Lidl Cien Sun Kids sunscreen
  • Müller Lavozon Kids Med sun milk
  • Rossmann Sunozon Kids (sun spray)

But: With the exception of the Aldi product, the four test winners contain the UV filter octocrylene, which we and Öko-Test advise against. Stiftung Warentest, on the other hand, has not criticized octocrylene – so far. But that could still change.

The best natural cosmetic sun protection in the test was the Weleda Edelweiss Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 30.It protects with mineral UV filters. Unfortunately the product is no longer available.

Another natural cosmetics product was criticized by Stiftung Warentest: The Eco Cosmetics Baby & Kids Neutral Sunscreen SPF 50+ did not comply with the declared UV protection in the test. It was therefore only "inadequate". The company has one opinion delivered. The test result is surprising because the same product received a “good” from Öko-Test almost simultaneously (see above). However, Öko-Test did not check the UV protection, only the ingredients.

Sunscreen for children in the test: The test winners 2023 (6)

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Sun protection: These are the most important tips

How to properly protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Skimping on the amount of sunscreen is skimping on the wrong end. Öko-Test recommends three to five teaspoons of cream so that your child is adequately protected.
  • Apply cream again after bathing, since even waterproof cream always leaves something in the water.
  • In Central Europe it is recommended that children be sunscreened with at least SPF 30 during the summer months. Those who set off for even sunnier climes should choose correspondingly stronger protection.
  • If the body turns brown, this only minimally increases the body's own protection.
  • Under The weather service provides information on the current solar radiation in Germany. From index 3 you should protect yourself.
  • Children should avoid the strong midday sun if possible and prefer to spend it in the shade. You can find more tips at: Sun protection for the baby: everything you need to know for the trip outdoors.
  • Also, don't try to make sunscreen yourself. You can find out why here: Make your own sunscreen: why it's not a good idea.


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