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Each night, you go to sleep. For some reason, you keep seeing the same person in your dreams every day. You may like this person or you may hate seeing them. Either way, it can be disconcerting to see them all the time in your dreams. While this could be just a coincidence, it is also possible that there is a deeper meaning behind these repetitive dreams.

What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person in My Dreams Every Day? – Astrology Cosmos (1)

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Enhance your understanding of your dreams by taking this time to learn how to interpret your dreams about relationships.

What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person in My Dreams Every Day

Sometimes, your dreams hold a deeper meaning. Other times, seeing the same person in your dreams every day is just random. On a physical level, dreams are made when random electrical brain impulses are fired in your mind. When this happens, completely random thoughts, memories and images are pulled from your mind to build a dream. The dream’s plot is actually created by your mind trying to make sense of all the random thoughts, images and memories. According to this theory, the dream is not actually created by the subconscious. The plot line is only created by yourself when you wake up and your mind is trying to understand your dream.

While scientists currently think that dreams just happen from these random electrical impulses, psychologists believe that there are other indications from your dreams. At a base level, the dream is made from your subconscious mind. It often brings your feelings, thoughts, memories and desires out into your dream state. Because of this, your dreams could show what you are focusing on every day for whatever reason. If you keep dreaming that you kiss someone, it could be because of a crush. Likewise, dreaming that a friend is hurt or in trouble each night shows that you may be worried about them.

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There is a reason why your dreams are often in familiar places and with familiar people. These are the people, things and locations that you have the most memories of, so they are the most likely to appear. You are more likely to dream about the things that you think about the most. Sometimes, people deliberately think about the same thing before bed every night so that they will dream about it. If you have a crush or want to experience a superpower like flying, you may want to think about that for 5 to 10 minutes before bed every night to have those dreams.

There are always going to be times when you have dreams about a completely random person or place. You may keep seeing the same person in your dreams every day, even if you do not know them, because of your initial dream. That first dream cemented them in your mind, and you thought about it afterward. Because they are now in your mind and a subject of your thoughts, you may keep dreaming about them over and over again. You may have never thought about them before or met them, but the one dream has caused that person to develop an out-sized role in your subconscious.

What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person in My Dreams Every Day? – Astrology Cosmos (2)

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The Possible Reasons Why You May Keep Seeing the Same Person in Your Dreams

Since your dreams represent what is going on in your subconscious, there are a number of different reasons why you may continue to see these people all of the time. Try to remember when this person played a role in your life. Did they represent a certain feeling or experience? For example, if you always felt cared for and protected around them, your dreams may show that you want to have that feeling in your current life.

Sometimes, you dream about someone because you want that quality in your current life. You may dream about a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend being with you, but the dream might not mean that you like them. It could just mean that you see them as a happy couple, and you want to have the same type of relationship in your current life. Many people also have dreams about a former crush or partner. They do not like that person anymore, but they still have that dream. In these cases, the dream is often a representation that you want to have some type of romance or infatuation. Your subconscious just pulled a former crush into your dreams to represent this feeling. It does not necessarily mean that you still have feelings for that person, although it is always possible.

They May Just Be a Fixture in Your Normal Life

Your dreams are a blend of images from your memories, feelings and thoughts. Because of this, you will generally have dreams that occur in a fairly similar setting with people that you frequently interact with. If you normally work at the local coffee shop, then your dream setting may also be in a coffee shop. The same rule applies to the people in your dreams. Often, the people that appear in your dream are the ones that you see all of the time in your waking life. When this is not the case, it may indicate that you just have reoccurring dreams because you focused so much on the initial dream. The initial dream may have been random, but the occurrences are just because you kept thinking about it.

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When you obsess about a person or event in your waking life, you are more likely to dream about them. If you are worried about a problem at work, you are more likely to have stressful dreams or dreams that you are being fired. If you are concerned about your relationship, you may dream about past partners or about having an argument. The things that happen in your dream tend to represent your own state of mind.

What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person in My Dreams Every Day? – Astrology Cosmos (3)

What If You Do Not Recognize That Person?

According to some estimates, up to half of the people that appear in your REM dreams will be people that you do not recognize. You may have seen them on an advertisement or on television without realizing. In some cases, your mind may have just made up that person entirely. If the stranger in your dream is threatening, it may indicate that you are worried about something or feel like there is a threat nearby. When you are unable to escape from that threat in real life, you are more likely to continue to have these dreams about a threatening stranger every night.

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Statistically, a stranger is more likely to be male than female. They are also statistically more likely to be aggressive in your dreams than someone that you know. This is one of the reasons why it is so common for strangers in your dreams to seem threatening or dangerous.

As always, it is important to look at the situation that happens in your dream. The dream interpretation changes depending on if you are running from the stranger, if they hurt you, if they bring you a message or if they seem harmless. By looking carefully at the exact situations and occurrences in the dream, you can figure out what your dream actually means.

The Same Person Keeps Appearing in My Dreams: What Do I Do?

When you keep seeing the same person in your dreams every day, it is generally a sign that they are on your mind a lot. Sometimes, it can also mean that you have some type of unresolved feeling or business to deal with. If that is the case, reaching out to the person in your dreams and handling unresolved business can help the dreams to stop. By carefully analyzing what happens in your dreams, you can figure out why you keep seeing the same person in your dreams every day.

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