What is the story behind Austin by Blake Shelton? (2023)

Austin is a song by American country music singer Blake Shelton about the city of Austin, Texas. Shelton wrote the song in collaboration with Allen Shamblin and Michael Hardy, and it was released in October 2001 as the lead single from his self-titled debut album.

The song talks about a man who has just lost his job and must leave Austin. At the end of the song, he says, “Maybe I didn’t have to leave at all”. In the music video, Shelton, who was at the height of his immaturity and poor decision-making, acts out the scenes in the song with a “sticker-studded leather jacket, long puffed cigarettes and beer.

” Finally, the video dips into a classic country ending—Shelton gets his job back and everything ends happily.

The song became Shelton’s breakout hit and a major commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in May 2002 and remaining there for five weeks. It was included on numerous greatest hits albums and the soundtrack for the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

The success of “Austin” launched Shelton’s career and he is now one of the most recognizable figures in country music.

What is Blake Shelton’s most famous song?

Blake Shelton’s most famous song is “God’s Country. ” Released in 2019, it peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and achieved tremendous success on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number seven.

It was a huge commercial success, with the song receiving six-time Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America. The song is thought to be the culmination of Shelton’s musical career, which spans two decades and has included countless number one hits on the country charts.

The song has become an anthem of sorts in the country genre, winning Shelton the 2020 ACM Award for Single of the Year and being nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance. “God’s Country” has become a part of Shelton’s legacy as an artist and has become an iconic part of modern country music.

What song is about Blake Shelton’s brother?

“The Baby” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Blake Shelton. The song is a tribute to Shelton’s late brother Richie, whom he lost in a car accident in 1990. It was released in August 2007 as the fourth single from his 2007 album Pure BS.

(Video) Blake Shelton Story Behind Austin

The song was co-written by Shelton and Richie, who had originally written it in 1990 after the death of their father. In the song, Shelton reflects on the loss of his brother, his regrets, his understanding of life, and his hope for a reunion in heaven.

The music video for the single was released in October 2007, and shows Shelton walking through a forest and singing, reminiscent of his brother’s death. The video also presents Shelton in an intimate setting with his loved ones.

The single charted at number 12 on the Hot Country Songs chart, becoming his seventh Top 20 single.

What song did Blake sing to Gwen at wedding?

At the wedding of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, he sang a sweet and heartfelt rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud. ” The song is a romantic expression of love and commitment fitting for any wedding, and Blake showed off his amazing vocals as he dedicated it to his new bride.

The lyrics include “When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades, and the crowds don’t remember my name, when my hands don’t play the strings the same way, I know you will still love me the same,” making it a beautiful moment shared between the two.

What song is about 9 11?

The song “The Day That Changed the World” by Billy Ray Cyrus is a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11. This track includes lyrics like “One day, different lives collide / Took us to a place and time / Where heroes fought and brothers died / The day that changed the world.

” It describes the tragedy of the day and pays homage to the first responders and survivors of the attacks. It references the fallen Twin Towers and the Pentagon and includes the chorus “And all I can say, on this day We’ll never forget; we’ll never forget / That the world changed around us, On September the 11th.

” The song then mentions the courage of those who ran into danger to help save the lives of others. Through its emotional lyrics, “The Day that Changed the World” captures the somber moment in American history that will never been forgotten.

What is the meaning behind Brothers in Arms song?

The song “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits is an anti-war protest song written and sung by Mark Knopfler. The song is a plea to end the senselessness and forgotten human cost of violence in armed hostilities and to reflect upon the consequences of engaging in armed conflict.

(Video) Blake Shelton - Austin (Official Music Video)

The song is written from the perspective of a soldier, calling out to his brother in arms during wartime and looking for a safe haven from the destruction, gunfire, and suffering. The lyrics capture the song’s core message of the tragedy of war: “These mist covered mountains/Are a home now for me/But my home is the lowlands/And always will be/Some day you’ll return to/Your valleys and your farms/And you’ll no longer burn/To be brothers in arms.


The song’s poignant message of the futility of war and its human cost resonates strongly with its audiences. In fact, it is not uncommon to find many modern renditions of the song being used in special events and anti-war campaigns.

In the end, through “Brothers in Arms,” Dire Straits sends a strong message of solidarity with those who suffer the heaviest burden of war: the soldiers and those they leave behind.

What is the jealousy song called?

The jealousy song is called “Jealous” and was written and performed by the British singer-songwriter Labrinth. It was released as the third single from his debut studio album, Electronic Earth, in April 2012.

“Jealous” is an electropop and R&B song that has been described as an ode to unrequited love. It was written by Labrinth and was produced by frequent collaborator and close friend, Mustafa Omer. The song features sparse percussive production and pleading chorus.

The music video for “Jealous” was directed by Emil Nava and was shot mainly in black-and-white with occasional red and blue. It depicts Labrinth chasing a girl he is in love with as flashbacks of his past appear.

The music video was critically praised and has been Certified Gold in the United Kingdom, selling over 200,000 copies. Labrinth has performed the song live multiple times, most notably at the 2012 BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend.

What song did Miranda Lambert song about Blake?

Miranda Lambert wrote the song “Over You” about her ex-husband Blake Shelton. The song appears on Lambert’s record-breaking album, “Four the Record. ” The emotionally packed track focuses on Lambert trying to move past the pain of coming to terms with their divorce.

Her sorrowful lyrics beautifully paint a picture of the heartache she experienced. Lambert shares her journey, as she puts it, of going all the way “from not being able to talk or think about [Blake], to being okay talking and thinking about him.

(Video) Blake Shelton - Austin Lyrics

” The song is incredibly moving and has been nominated for multiple awards, most notably the 2012 Grammy for Best Country Song. The heartfelt lyrics are sure to make her fans feel the same emotion that Miranda experienced during the difficult time.

Was Over You written by Blake Shelton?

No, the song “Over You” was co-written by Ashley Gorley and Miranda Lambert. It was released as the third single from Lambert’s fourth studio album, Four the Record in 2012. The song was inspired by her husband, Blake Shelton, and was written in the wake of Shelton’s brother’s death.

In an interview with The Boot, Lambert said, “My husband and I wrote it together as a way to kind of process all the emotions associated with his loss and trying to get through it. ” Although the song was not written by Blake Shelton, it was co-written by his wife, Miranda Lambert.

Who was the song Over You written about?

The song “Over You” was written by Miranda Lambert and Lambert’s ex-husband Blake Shelton. It was written to reflect the emotions Lambert felt after their 2012 divorce. The song speaks of the pain and hurt she felt, as well as her realization of how her life had suddenly changed after the divorce.

She explains how though it was difficult, she had to move on and accept what had happened.

At the time the song was written, Shelton was already in a new relationship with his now-wife, Gwen Stefani, while Lambert was focused on finally getting over him and rebuilding her life, as she sings in the chorus, “And I’m gonna be alright/ But I’m gonna miss you/ Yeah, I’m gonna miss you/ But I’m gonna get over you.


The song was praised for its raw, honest depiction of heartbreak, which many listeners appreciated and could relate to. It was released in 2012, and since then has been played live and become an anthem of perseverance and moving on in the face of hardship.

Did Jake Owen write made for you?

No, Jake Owen did not write the song “Made for You. ” The song was written and produced by busbee and Lange and was performed by American Idol winner, Alejandro Aranda. It was released in 2020 as part of Aranda’s debut album, Exit Form.

Aranda wrote the song with his producer, busbee, and the two discussed how they wanted to create a song that would make the listener feel something personal, the result of which was “Made for You. ” The song has been praised for its heartfelt lyrics, its combination of folk and R&B elements, and for allowing Aranda to show his creative potential.

Did George Harrison co write if not for you?

(Video) Little Known Facts About "The Austin" Music Video

Yes, George Harrison co-wrote the song “If Not for You” with Bob Dylan. The song was released on Dylan’s 1970 album, New Morning. Harrison’s backing vocals can also be heard on the recording. Harrison was a fan of Dylan’s music and had already pursued a musical collaboration with him in 1969.

The two had recorded several songs together for Dylan’s Self Portrait album. Harrison was initially unaware that he had been credited with co-writing the song, but publicly acknowledged the credit soon after.

“If Not for You” has since become a standard, being covered by various artists over the years.

Did Kelly Clarkson write the song because of you?

No, Kelly Clarkson did not write the song “Because of You” specifically about anyone. The song was written by Kelly Clarkson and songwriters Ben Moody and David Hodges. According to Clarkson, it is a song about the breakdown of her own relationship with her father as a result of her parents’ divorce.

She wrote the song as a way to describe the hurt that she felt due to their separation. Through the song, Clarkson expresses the emotional trauma she experienced at a young age when her parents divorced.

In an interview with MTV, Kelly said that, “The song “Because of You” is about my parents’ divorce when I was 6. [My parents] got divorced, and because of that, it left me with all of these unresolved feelings that I didn’t know how to deal with.


When did Keith Whitley write Over You?

Keith Whitley wrote the song “Over You” in 1986. The song was initially released on his third studio album, Don’t Close Your Eyes, in 1988. Whitley wrote the song with the help of songwriter Wayne Carson.

The song was one of Whitley’s most successful singles, reaching number one on both the U. S. Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, and the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart in 1988. The song is about a man who has lost the one he loves and is hurt deeply.

Despite the pain, he is able to swallow his pride and accept the fact that she is gone, admitting that even if he could have done all the things he wishes he did or said, that it still wouldn’t have changed the fact that she has moved on with her life.

(Video) Blake Shelton - Austin (Acoustic)

How many number 1 songs does Blake Shelton have?

As of June 2020, Blake Shelton has had a total of twelve number one songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. His first number one single was “Austin” in 2001, followed by “The Baby” in 2003, “Some Beach” in 2004, “Nobody But Me” in 2006, “Home” in 2008, “Hillbilly Bone” in 2010, “Honey Bee” in 2011, “Boys ‘Round Here” in 2013, “Neon Light” in 2014, “Sangria” in 2015, “Came Here to Forget” in 2016, and “I’ll Name the Dogs” in 2017.

He has also had a number one duet single with Gwen Stefani in 2020, titled “Nobody But You”, which went to number one on the Country Airplay chart. Additionally, Shelton has had five number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including “God Gave Me You”, “Lonely Tonight”, his collaboration with Pardi’s “Came Here to Forget”, “My Eyes” and “I’ll Name the Dogs”.

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Who is Blake Shelton's song Austin about? ›

Once upon a time, a songwriter in Nashville broke up with his girlfriend. When she moved to Austin, he realized he'd made a terrible mistake. So he put a new outgoing message on his answering machine: “By the way – if this is Austin, I still love you.”

Did Blake Shelton write the song Austin? ›

"Austin" is a song written by David Kent and Kirsti Manna and recorded by American country music artist Blake Shelton. It was released in April 2001 as Shelton's debut single and the first from his self-titled debut album.

How old was Blake Shelton when Austin was released? ›

What song was written about Blake Shelton's brother? ›

"Over You" is a country ballad written by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton about a personal experience Shelton had as a teenager when his older brother was killed in a car accident.

What is the tattoo on Blake Shelton's forearm? ›

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